Wednesday, November 12, 2008



waiting4Isabella said...

I love ur pictures amanda - i stole the picture of you and I, it came out very cute (our silly selves)

love you...... Madrina

waiting4Isabella said...

Love you mandy :0) p/s : i like the music that u have on ur blog.

peace and have a spirit filled day.,

Mom To Six said...

Looks like oodles of fun!! I WANNA GO NEXT YEAR!

Ciao, bella! said...

hey beautiful girl! I did dye my hair. I got bored one night and decided to let a friend pick out a color. It's starting to grow on me. At first, I thought, "Oh my goodness, I am Bozo the clown." I love you!!! Thanks for the comment. I loved looking at your photos. They're amazing. I am blessed to have meet you that weekend.

Jill said...

Amanda! Great photos. Your profile picture is SO good.
Thought I would come on over and say hello after your mom said you had started your own blog!
Good for you!
Have fun.

Lisa said...

nice idea to start a blog, I may have Adrienne start one.

The Byrd's Nest said...

These are great pictures. I love the one where everyone is in the huddle looking down! Awesome view!

Enjoy having an online journal!

Aus said...

Enjoy your blog - just always remember that what you put out there never goes away!

(OK - I wouldn't have been true to myself if I hadn't said that - it's just in my nature to be that way!)

Looking forward to more -