Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Human Video

My church also did this human video,
unfortunately I accidentally deleted ours,
so I had to settle for the one I found on Youtube, truly moving indeed.

The Swiss Army Romance by Dashboard Confessional

Sleep with all the lights on.
You're not so happy.
You're not secure.
You're dying to look cute in your blue jeans,
but you're plastic just like everyone
just like everyone.
And that face you paint is pressed,
impressing most of us it's permanent
and I'd like to see you undone.
College night will draw the crowds.
Dorms unload & you're heading out.
Here is your moment to shine.
Making up a history,
it's nothing from the life you lead
but man, will they buy all your lines?
Sleep with all the sheets off
bearing your mattress
bearing your soul.
And your dying to look smooth in your tattoos,
but you're searching just like everyone
could be anyone.
And those friends you have are the best
impressing most of us it's permanent,
but I'd like to see you undone.
Youth's the most unfaithful mistress.
Still we forge ahead to miss her.
Rushing our moment to shine.

Making up a history,
It's nothing from the life you lead
but man, will they buy all of your lines?
We're not twenty-one,
but the sooner we are,the sooner the fun will begin.
So get out your fake eyelashes,
and fake IDs,& real disasters ensue.
It's cool to take these chances.
It's cool to fake romances
& grow up fast
& grow up fast
& grow up fast
& grow up fast.

This really has to be one of the prettiest songs I know. It's so honest and the lyrics are calm and inviting. I just thought I'd share. It's on my playlist, if you'd like to hear it. (:


Sunday, October 26, 2008

All About Me....

Okay, so for my very first blog, I will talk about myself. As you can probably already tell, my name is Amanda, I am a highschool student. I come from a very large family. I have six brothers and sisters. Two older brothers, an older sister, two younger brothers, and a younger sister. All of my younger siblings are adopted. The oldest, Kai, 4, is from China. AnnaGrace, the second oldest, 3, is from China aswell. The youngest of the three, AJ, 2, is adopted domestically. My older siblings are Adam, 24, Tito, 26 and Nicole, 19. Our family is Cuban and very, very loud. I love old movies, and t.v. shows. I can honestly watch anything black and white for hours at a time. I love to read, and to write. I'm horrible at telling stories, so for your sake, don't ask me to. I have many fantastic friends, and without them I don't know what I'd do with myself. I am very involved in my local church, and spend a lot of time there. I am very opinianated and love to argue, for this reason I've been told since a very young age that I should be a lawyer. The truth is, I've had my career and lifestyle planned out as long as I can remember. I'd like to be a veterinary specialist, working mainly on rare and endangered species. After college graduation I plan to spend a year in Antartica to study the lives and habitats of Polar Bears. I'm always known to be the one to ask why, and I almost always need to see something to believe it. My opinions have changed since I've gotten older, and I'm sure they will continue to. Until then, I'll keep you posted.